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khinsider is a website for downloading free music for computer games and other platforms. In this website, you can search or select through the site category to find the game album you want and get the link to download the tracks. But in this website, whether you are a member or not, does not allow to get the full albums and you must download them individually. Khinsider downloader program at your service!

With khinsider downloader program, you can download the music album in full with 2 MP3 and FLAC format. Also, if there is a music cover on the page, the program will download it for you and put it in a folder called the game album. I hope you make the most of this app.

Screenshot of the program:

Terms and conditions use of Platymarket software

Dear user, by scrolling this page and receiving the download link of the program, you are committed to accepting all the terms and conditions of using Platymarket applications.

Terms and conditions of use of Platymarket software are defined in each line separately, which includes the following paragraphs:

1-All Platymarket programs are dedicated to PlatformBoy website at and have not been published by any other source than this internet address.

2-The only authorized source for downloading programs called platformboy is, and other sources for distributing and publishing programs are not allowed to do so.

3-Other sources of distribution and distribution of platform other than the official source of receiving programs at are not authorized and platform website is not responsible for this.

4-Platymarket does not guarantee that the received program will be fully responsive to your work. To this end, any claim of dissatisfaction with the user’s complaint is baseless and the referrer website is only a public distributor.

5-The programs distributed in Platymarket have an installed and uninstalled version, which is installed and executed in both methods of the program.

6-Any publication without knowing about all the programs of the market market is unauthorized and is prosecuted.

7-Any attempt to sell multi-market applications is unauthorized and is subject to legal prosecution.

8-All Platymarket programs use a light database in the program path, which will not work if the operating system does not allow access to the files to run the program.

9-The updated version of the programs will be available only on the main page (official address of the same software) of the same program.

10-The Smell Platform will not accept any responsibility based on program failure, proper operation, speed of work with the program, technical problems, suspicious files, network disruption, hardware failure, operating system malfunction and other technical problems. .

11-All programs of Boi platform benefit from coding method (simple and light) so that the quality and speed of program execution is the first priority.

12-All softwares published in the market will receive the health and functionality mark before the main release, otherwise the platform will not emit the smell of the program.

If you have reached this part of the terms and conditions of use, you are ready to accept it.

To download the program, get it from the link via the button below. The program does not require an installation file.

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